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Workshop In a Box

A Complete Packaged Experiential Workshop You Can Use to 
Energize, Ignite and Connect an Audience!

In today’s uncertain, sometimes-frightening world, where people can feel disconnected, lost, tired, and unsettled, how can you help organizations and companies help their employees not only cope but flourish? How can you help a company continue to create a thriving organization when their employees have grown weary from separation, Zoom fatigue and the unknowing? 

Hold a FINDING YOUR SUPERPOWERS workshop for them!


You’ll help a company or organization use researched-backed tools of positive psychology and the science of happiness to help their employees build resilience during tough times, tools that can help them flourish and thrive.


As a positive psychology practitioner, you can use this kit as another part of what you offer to organizations. Or as an HR exec, you can help your company become more successful by helping your employees become happier, more creative, more resilient and flourish in every aspect of their lives. 


What's Included in the Kit?


  • Five Finding Your Superpowers Card Decks with options to purchase more at a reduced price.

  • Five 16-Page “Superpowers Tool Kits” with option to purchase more at a reduced price and a digital version to send after the workshop.

  • Six  22” x 28” Strengths Posters, one for each virtue, to be used in Strengths/Superpowers Spotting. 

  • Agenda/outline of workshop with timing and details for a 2-3 hour workshop.

  • Instructions on how to hold your workshop, both in-person and virtually.

  • PowerPoint to use in your workshop.

  • Links to additional videos and information to use and enhance your workshop.

  • Marketing letter and flyer you can use to send to human resource leaders and others in organizations to explain the benefits and concept of the workshop. If you are a people officer in your company, this can be used to show your CEO the benefits of the workshop.   

  • Example letter to send to participants in advance of the workshop

  • Ideas on props and other items to use to enhance the workshop and where to get them.

  • 30-minute Q&A Zoom Consultation Session with Lisa.

Through this workshop, you will help companies:


  • Get an overview of 24 internal strengths, including the research/evidence that their use leads to increased happiness, greater success, increased resilience, and better relationships!

  • Discover and tap into their own signature strengths and utilize those strengths each and every day.

  • Spot strengths in others. 

  • Gain an appreciation and understanding of other’s strengths in the workplace.

  • Combine strengths across teams to create better partnerships throughout the company.

  • ALL of this can be done either live and in person or virtually! I’ll show you how to create a more positive, hopeful and connected team!

Your program will help your clients or teams :

  • Build positivity

  • Understand themselves better

  • Have better relationships

  • Improve engagement

  • Boost performance

  • Accomplish goals

  • And more!

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