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Are you looking for a different kind of program for the leaders and employees in your organization? Then our Happiness is an Inside Job! playshop might be just what you are looking for!

Happiness is an Inside Job! is an onsite “happiness adventure” giving employees tools to survive (and succeed) in the working “wilderness.” It takes the science of happiness and brings it to the working world, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for those in your organization. 


Happiness doesn’t come from “things” but from leading a full and meaningful life. And you can help your employees tap into that with proven tools. And when you do, your company succeeds, too! Research shows that happy employees are more engaged, productive and effective—and they contribute more to success and the bottom line. 

Happiness is an Inside Job! gives the women and men in your company tools they can use right away to become happier and more fulfilled at work and in life! 

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Your employees will tap into their strength, courage, voice and humor while learning techniques to increase their happiness, discover their purpose in life and bring that purpose into your organization. Your team will…
  • Discover proven and researched tools to create their best selves and bring their best selves to work.

  • Learn the happiness model that combines happiness with goals, so both the employee and the company achieve more success.

  • See how gratitude, mindfulness and compassion fit in all aspects of their lives — including their work lives — and can create collaboration, engagement and happier work environments.

  • Discover their inner character strengths and how using their top ones — their superpowers — can...

    • Boost Confidence

    • Increase Happiness

    • Strengthen Relationships

    • Manage Problems

    • Enhance Health and Overall Wellbeing

    • Buffer Against, Manage and Overcome Challenges

    • Reduce Stress

    • Accomplish Goals

    • Build Meaning and Purpose​

  • Receive a life toolkit that will help them set, pursue, and achieve happiness goals at work long after the session.

  • Find their wild, playful, happier selves and bring them into the workplace.

  • So much more!

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Happiness is an Inside Job! is a practical yet fun and highly interactive program based on the latest in positive psychology and the neuroscience and research of happiness. Participants will leave with skills and tools that they can apply immediately within their teams and organizations... and in their lives.

This program offers practical yet fun solutions to help employees and leaders:

  • Cultivate mental focus, clarity, and resilience

  • Improve decision-making speed and quality

  • Communicate effectively with authenticity, transparency and empathy

  • Keep their teams, stakeholders, and each other motivated

  • And more!


All done in an atmosphere of high energy with laughter, learning, and building relationships! We even throw in some music and fun!

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Who is Happiness is an Inside Job! playshop for? 

  • Companies and organizations

  • Teams within a company, such as sales teams

  • Educators and school administrations

  • Health practices

  • Governments and municipalities 

  • Associations

  • And more!


This can be done as a leadership retreat, as a kick-off to a conference or gathering, as a conference session and more!

This is a half-day or full-day program/session. We modify it to fit your needs, time, and budget!

In the playshop, attendees will learn tools that enhance and focus on 5 aspects of happiness: 
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Email us at to learn more! We'll send you a flyer with more details!

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