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So Grateful for...

"Lisa's energy and positive nature truly inspires all who she comes in contact with. While most people become trapped by the dogma that happiness and the workplace are mutually exclusive, Lisa has challenged that conventional wisdom and successfully helped many of her colleagues strike a healthy balance. I can attest first hand that Lisa's programs can help create and promote positive collaboration, increased productivity and innovation."
Jay Loeffler
Senior VP, Sales
Sku Local
"Lisa brings creativity, logic, and smiles to the workplace. She leverages her perceptive ability to quickly diagnose a climate, draw on talents, and provide solutions in a creative, effective way."
Janet Kolb 
Former Vice President, Human Resources
V P Holdings, Inc./Valpak
"Lisa creates experiences that fill people with wisdom, creativity and joy. She also really understands how to connect with the heads and hearts of people working in big companies."
 Lois Kelly
Corporate Trainer and Co-author
Rebels at Work: A Handbook for Leading Change from Within
Comments from past program participants...

“Inspirational, thought-provoking, time-well spent. I will be processing these gifts for a long time-will receive benefits for the rest of my life”

One of the most rewarding and inspirational things I’ve ever done, let alone done for myself. I look forward to implementing what I’ve learned and make desperately needed changes in my life! Out with the defeating thoughts and in with the “I CAN, I WILL!” 

"While I AM a happy person, the class helped me focus on the value of living in the present and mindfully listen. It helped me more sharply define my strengths and internal aspirations. And it was also a wonderful experience to hear some of my co-workers' points of view, drivers and most-admired people!"

"Lisa’s creativity, perspective and generosity of spirit inspire new thoughts and action in individuals and companies.  To think differently and achieve a differentiated outcome, Lisa serves as the perfect catalyst."
Karen Breen
Vice President, Marketing Strategy
Comcast Cable
"Lisa’s enthusiasm is contagious. When she was a co-worker, our leadership team was going through some tough times. She was often the one leading me and the rest of our group to thinking optimistically (yet realistically) about our next steps. She used a combination of team-building efforts and creative fun to lift our spirits, create a bond, and keep our attention focused on the people and products that matter most to our success."
Debbie Hiott
General Manager, KUT Public Media

"I really enjoyed learning how to look at many things in life through a different lens and with different tools to increase my personal happiness and also equip me with the knowledge to be a better leader, friend and person to others by having a better understanding of how and what makes each of us happy as well as what stage or phase we may be in."

“I woke up with positive psychology tools that will change my life. We had fun; yet,  learned so much!  The sharing / mindful listening opened up the other half of the magic where participants bonded. I walked away with a couple of new friends I felt like I had known forever! It was a perfect day!” 

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