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"Lisa's authenticity, knowledge of positive psychology and zest — her humor, love, and compassion — is infectious.”
Ellen G.

Lisa is a recovering marketing exec, author, happiness activist, life enthusiast, and laughingly refers to herself as the C3PO (Chief Compassion, Courage, & Positivity Officer) of her crazy-happy life. Most of all, she’s someone who wants to lighten up the world and help others become more positive and optimistic and realize their full potential, in life and at work.

Lisa's thought-provoking and playful presentations are filled with compassion, care, positive & hopeful energy. She brings every group along for a fun ride, and often elevates the consciousness of the entire room. She doesn't just talk at them, she connects personally with them, no matter how big the audience. She's been there. She knows what they've been through and the challenges they face.


She intertwines her personal anecdotes, the science of happiness, optimism and authenticity. She knows the connection between purpose, happiness and an organization's success, and she infuses her presentations with energy and humor that connect all three.

Reach out to her and see how she can make your next event, leadership retreat or initiative kick-off a little more inspiring and happier. Your attendees will leave inspired and empowered to use actionable steps they can implement immediately.

"I would love to work with you at your next event or kick off to bring your group a little dose of happiness!

I love to bring the elements of purpose and positivity to people. I share the science of positive psychology, the proven research on happiness, in a way where everyone feels comfortable and has fun. In the words of one of my audience members, 'she delivers something even introverts would love.'

Let me help you create an experience that lasts long after the program is over."

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Bring Lisa to Your Conference, Event, or Organization — Inspire and Empower Your Audience & Team!

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Four Reasons to Bring Lisa to Your Next Event, Meeting, Luncheon, or Conference!


Lisa is enthusiastic and fun. She's not going to just "talk" at your audience, she'll interact with them, laugh with them, have them join in. She lifts the energy of the room and she'll make everyone feel like they can accomplish anything!

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2. She's Your Partner

She’ll tailor her message to meet any topic or challenge facing your organization or your audience. Lisa can create just what you need for your organization's event. She gets what your group is facing - she's been there. She can relate to their challenges, their hopes, their dreams. 

3. Tools & Take Aways

Your group will be energized, motivated, and empowered with tools they can put to use immediately!

4. The Happiness Factor

Her message is joy-filled: high energy delivery, stunning presentation, audience interaction, science-backed, and simple, life-changing messages.

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