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Find Your Character Strengths!

How do you know what your strengths are? Take the VIA Character Strengths Survey that focuses on your best qualities!


The VIA Character Strengths Survey was created by the VIA Institute on Character, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the science of character strengths to the world through supporting research and developing practical tools for individuals and practitioners. The Survey is a simple self-assessment that takes less than 15 minutes and provides a wealth of information to help you understand your core characteristics. Most personality tests focus on negative and neutral traits, but the VIA Survey focuses on your best qualities.

Created under the direction of Dr. Martin Seligman, author of Authentic Happiness and Flourish, and Dr. Christopher Peterson, distinguished scientist at the University of Michigan and author of A Primer in Positive Psychology, and validated by Robert McGrath, Ph.D., the VIA Survey has been used in hundreds of research studies and taken by millions of people in over 190 countries resulting in better workplaces, schools, teams and lives the world over.


Take the online test which is available on the VIA website ( The test is 240 questions and takes 30 minutes or so. There are no right/wrong answers, and there are no better/worse answers.


The idea is not to identify who you are—it takes much more than a questionnaire to do that—but rather to raise your level of awareness about yourself and particularly your strengths.

Once you know your strengths, use our FINDING YOUR SUPERPOWERS Strength Cards to tap into your happiness!

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