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In today’s uncertain, sometimes-frightening world, where people can feel disconnected, lost, tired, and unsettled, how can a company help their employees not only cope but flourish? How can a company continue to create a thriving organization when their employees have grown weary from separation, Zoom fatigue and the unknowing? 

One of those ways is to use researched-backed tools of positive psychology and the science of happiness, tools that organizations such as Google, Target, Proctor and Gamble and other companies use to help their employees build resilience during tough times, tools that can help them flourish and thrive.


Tapping into and using Character or “Inner” Strengths is one of those tools...


And Finding Your Superpowers delivers that tool in a fun, unique way! Finding Your Superpowers is an experiential "play"shop that helps your team tap into — and appreciate — their inner strengths, setting the stage for improvement and success and stronger connections between co-workers.... whether being socially distant or working side-by-side again!


Plus, it’s a lot of fun! Just what your team needs!

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Each participant receives a “Superpowers Tool Kit” to help them focus on their strengths long after the event. The kit includes exercises to tap into their strengths, more than 100 ways to use and build on their superpowers, and much more!

In Finding Your Superpowers, your team will:
— Get an overview of 24 internal strengths, including the research/evidence that their use leads to increased happiness, greater success, increased resilience, and better relationships!
— Discover and tap into their own signature strengths and utilize those strengths each and every day.
— Spot strengths in others. 
— Gain an appreciation and understanding of other’s strengths in the workplace.
— Combine strengths across teams to create better partnerships throughout the company.

This program will help your team:
— Build positivity
— Understand themselves better
— Have better relationships
— Improve engagement
— Boost performance
— Accomplish goals
— And more!

You CAN create a more positive, hopeful and connected team!

Who is this Superpowers Playshop for? 

  • Companies and organizations

  • Teams within a company, such as sales teams

  • Educators and school administrations

  • Health practices

  • Governments and municipalities 

  • Associations

  • Middle and high school students as well as college students

  • And more!


This is 2-3 hour session. This can be done as a leadership retreat, as a kick-off to a conference or gathering, as a conference session and more!

Email us at to learn more! We'll send you a flyer with more details!

Go to to learn about other retreats and workshops we offer!

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