Tap into Your Character Strengths To Build Resilience and Optimism!

Everyone knows that focusing on your strengths is important. But there are two kinds of strengths — extrinsic and intrinsic — and which one your focus on makes all the difference! 


  • Extrinsic strengths are about external strengths. These are your talents, what you're "good" at.

  • Intrinsic strengths, also known as character strengths, are about internal strengths. Character strengths are about experience, what sustains you. It doesn’t matter how good you get. It’s about fueling and refueling yourself. This is the “real” you.


Research has shown that if you focus on your CHARACTER strengths, you can become happier and more resilient, your relationships can get stronger and so much more. Focusing on character strengths not only makes people happier, it makes them more successful.  And it’s also shown that companies that focus on what’s good about their company, or where they are strong, become more successful, too.

Not sure where to start?

From the boardroom to the classroom, bring the practice of strengths to your organization!

Wondering how you can engage your employees more? Give your organization a fresh way to accomplish its goals? I can help your leaders and employees tap into their inner strengths and utilize those strengths to help your organization succeed!


Or, maybe you're a non-profit organization looking for a way to unite a new board or a fun way to kick off a retreat as you plan your new initiatives, or your school is looking for a way to help students focus on their inner strengths. Let me help you bring a fresh and fun approach!

I offer a variety of programs to bring the science of strengths and a little bit of happiness into your organization. Let's connect!

Focusing on character strengths is great for diversity and inclusion initiatives! Celebrate differences in a fun and unique way that gets EVERYONE engaged! 

Curious about what your top inner strengths are? Here's the best way to find yours!


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