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Having fun is good for your health, heart and soul. Adding things you find pleasurable and fun into your life will lesson your stress and create more happiness!

But sometimes, we’re so busy doing things for others, that we forget to make fun a priority.

The Summer “fun!” Bucket Challenge can help!

Here's how it works!

  • Get a beach pail, a colorful one that really makes your heart smile!

  • Cut out the summer bucket list label and tape it to your bucket. (link to it below!)

  • Put the bucket where you will see it EVERY day as a reminder to do something fun that day! 

  • At the end of each summer day, write down on a piece of paper one thing you did fun that day and put it in the bucket.

  • To help, at the start of each week, write down some things you can do that week coming up to add some fun into your life. 

  • The best part? At the end of August, read each paper and relive all the fun you've had that summer! 

Download details of the Summer FUN Bucket Challenge here... including how to bring it into your workplace!

You can also win a registration to our 5th Anniversary Camp Atta Girl!

(Pssst. guys, it makes a great gift!)

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