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Navigating today's uncertainty and stress requires a new level of resilience. ASPIRE for Leaders is an onsite, experiential, 4-hour playshop that enhances well-being, resilience and collaboration, leading to improved performance, happier leaders, happier employees and a more successful business!

ASPIRE for Leaders is a practical and highly interactive program based on the latest in positive psychology and the neuroscience and research of happiness. Participants will leave with skills and tools that they can apply immediately within their teams and organizations.

Based on neuroscience and behavioral research, this program offers practical solutions to help leaders:

  • Cultivate mental focus, clarity, and resilience

  • Improve decision-making speed and quality

  • Communicate effectively with authenticity, transparency and empathy

  • Keep their team and stakeholders motivated

  • Enable leadership and organizational renewal in challenging times


All done in an atmosphere of high energy with laughter, learning, and building relationships among the leaders! We even throw in some music and fun!

In the workshop, leaders will learn tools that enhance and focus on 6 aspects of happiness: 
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Leaders will...

  • Discover proven and researched tools to create their best selves

  • Learn tools they can use to help their employees and organizations thrive

  • Discover their inner character strengths and learn how using their top ones can...

    • Boost Confidence

    • Increase Happiness

    • Strengthen Relationships

    • Manage Problems

    • Enhance Health and Overall Wellbeing

    • Buffer Against, Manage and Overcome Challenges

    • Reduce Stress

    • Accomplish Goals

    • Build Meaning and Purpose​

  • So much more!

ASPIRE for Leaders
was designed to include the best tools in neuroscience Lisa has learned through her years of training. She has 20 years experience as a Marketing Exec for national and international companies. She is...
  • A Happiness Facilitator and Certified in Happiness From Harvard's Tal Ben-Shahar and a Graduate of the Happiness Studies Academy. Tal created Harvard's most popular class on happiness and purpose.

  • ​Certified in Positive Psychology Through the Wholebeing Institute

  • Trained in Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Training

  • The Founder and Owner of The Happiness Element, LLC, a Company that Helps Individuals and Oganizations Tap Into Their Purpose, Meaning and Happiness

  • The Founder of Camp Atta Girl!, an Empowering Women's Retreat

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