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Onword & UPword Card Deck

Welcome to “Onword & UPword” card deck, created to help you draw inspiration & magic into your life by finding the unique word for you… right now, at this moment. By using this deck daily, you will foster a daily practice of choosing words that will inspire you, help you grow and reach your goals.

The deck!

Onword & UPword is a card deck of positive words and phrases, that includes ways to use that word in everyday life. When you use this deck, you're not only selecting a word, but you're given ways to use the word to bring more happiness and positivity into your life and others.

The deck contains 36 cards, including 28 word cards, series of "expression" cards and instructions on how to use the deck, both for personal use or to use with employees. 

  • Instructions on how to find and use your words

  • Features bright and fun colors

  • Each card gives ways to "live up to your word" each day

The deck makes a wonderful gift for yourself or others. It's also a great tool to use in organizations and the workplace!

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Words are more than just a way to communicate. Words have energy. They hold a vibration, they have power, they give meaning, they inspire. 

Words have the power to impact us both negatively and positively on a daily basis, depending on the words you use.

It's important to use words that inspire you on a daily basis and this deck can help. By using this deck and using words that inspire, you will change your thoughts, energy and your actions — which will bring more positive energy to you and those around you!

Start creating happiness and a positive life through the power of your words!  Get your Onword & UPword word deck today!

The Power of Words
  • For you!

  • For your family!

  • For your children!

  • For companies and organizations!

  • For educators!

  • For coaches & professionals!

  • For everyone who understands the power of words!

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Have Fun Living up to your word!
  • Buy it for yourself

  • Give as a gift

  • Great as a stocking stuffer

  • Perfect for team building in departments, companies, organizations

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