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No matter what CEO, COO, or CHO you ask, she/he will tell you that the success of their company depends on their employees’ attitudes and commitment. Keeping them focused, creative, productive and engaged is the key.


But these happy employees don’t just happen.


Because of cutbacks, layoffs, stress, unrealistic expectations, shortfalls and more, many employees are walking the halls, stressed and mumbling under their breath, “this place is nuts!” Many employees feel work should be a utopia and they spend part of their days expecting work to make them happy. When that doesn’t happen, they blame the company and search endlessly for that job that will bring them happiness. These are good employees that you don’t want to lose.


But it’s not the company that’s nuts, it’s how employees handle the everyday typical challenges in the workplace that’s crazy.


Companies all over the country are utilizing new and different tools to help their employees become happier, more positive, more resilient, handle change and live a more fulfilling life — both at work and at home. This program brings these tools to your employees.


This isn’t just a lecture, it’s interactive, giving your employees tools they can use right away to become happier, more fulfilled and less stressed.

Just some of the things your employees will learn and incorporate into your culture:

What is Happiness?

We’ll introduce the science behind positivity and happiness. This isn’t about becoming “happy” but about becoming happier. 


What Makes Them Happy?

We’ll take a first look at some of the tools available to help your employees grow and discover what will help them become more fulfilled at your company.

Getting in the Flow

How do employees get peak experiences as well as peak performance at work? We’ll show them how to live in the “zone”.

Lasting Change

We’ll show your employees the techniques to learn how to bring about personal (and organizational) change that lasts. 

Tools for Happiness

From mindfulness to creating the “ideal” self and more, we’ll teach the tools that will help your employees focus on the present while at the same time creating happiness and helping them meet their future goals and the company’s future goals. 


And so much more. This program will bring positivity to the workplace. Employees will discover how to be happier from within and help you create a more positive, resilient, creative and fun working environment. 


This program can be done in 1-full day session or two half-day sessions. Includes an interactive tool kit to help practice the tools long after the session(s) are over and a follow-up webinar to further help solidify the tools.

"I would strongly recommend this course to all team members (and have). This is an important set of skills to have and utilize. It helps improve morale and productivity."

"Looking at my strengths provided me with another perspective and area to focus on regarding improving my happiness. A happier employee is a more productive employee, and increases retention, as well as improves morale for others (all boats rise)."

"While I AM a happy person, the class helped me focus on the value of living in the present and mindfully listen. It helped me more sharply define my strengths and internal aspirations. And it was also a wonderful experience to hear some of my co-workers' points of view, drivers and most-admired people!"

Comments from past participants...

"I really enjoyed learning how to look at many things in life through a different lens and with different tools to increase my personal happiness and also equip me with the knowledge to be a better leader, friend and person to others by having a better understanding of how and what makes each of us happy as well as what stage or phase we may be in."

"We are raised to always focus on what we are not good at, where we need to improve or our insecurities. I wish we focused more on the positive attributes and what makes people great and happy by their differences and strengths! I loved that this program did this!"

"A happier employee

is a more productive employee, and increases retention, as well as improves morale for others

(all boats rise)."

This program can be done in a 1-full day session or two half-day sessions. Includes an interactive tool kit and follow-up webinar to continue the "happiness" long after the workshop.

As with all my programs,this is tailored to your specific needs. Let me know how I can help!

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