Strengths in the Workplace

We all know how talents in the workplace can determine your success. Much research has been done by Gallup on strengths and bringing those strengths into the workplace. But for a company to truly flourish, the focus should not just be on external strengths, but building on those intrinsic character strengths, too.


When leaders focus on what works, what their strengths are, and tap into the strengths of their teams, productivity and engagement increases. Studies have shown that employees who apply four or more of their signature strengths, experience more positive experiences at work and are more likely to experience work as a calling.

When employees are doing work that is in harmony with their personal identity and highest values, they are tapping into their internal motivation and become engaged with the success of the company.

This session helps managers and supervisors tap into their inner strengths as leaders and how to utilize the inner strengths of their employees. This creates stronger connections between co-workers and sets the stage for improvement and success! Participants will complete a strengths-based survey and explore ways to build and use their signature strengths. 

This program will include:

  • Overview of the 24 character strengths and how to use them

  • Finding and tapping into your signature strengths

  • Overuse and underuse of strengths

  • Spotting strengths in others

  • Appreciation of strengths in the workplace

  • Aware-Explore-Apply Model of character strengths

This program is great for building and celebrating different strengths in an organization, as a kick-off for new project teams, enhancing diversity and inclusion practices in organizations, team-building in departments or across the organization and so much more!

All participants will receive an interactive toolkit with information and practical tips on how to apply strengths individually and with their teams. This onsite training is delivered as a full-day session or two half-day sessions. It can also be tailored to a 1-2 hour session and incorporated into executive leadership programs, as a kick-off and team-building for retreats and more.

As with all my programs,this is tailored to your specific needs. Let me know how I can help!

This program will help you and your team:

  • Build positivity

  • Understand themselves better

  • Have better relationships

  • Improve engagement

  • Boost performance

  • Accomplish goals

  • And more

When we focus on our character strengths, we overcome life's challenges and discover great personal and professional outcomes. The tools and exercises presented in this program will help empower your employees to reach more goals, find greater engagement in work and ultimately live a happier life.

Click here to download printable overview of this program.

Find Your Superpower!

Using Character Strengths for Success

Strengths and Purpose in the Workplace

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