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If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life or are eager to remove obstacles just to make life more fun and happier, I want to help!  It’s not about becoming happy, it’s about becoming happier. Everyone has ups and downs, but if your life and career seems to be more downs than up, let's change that!

Whether you want to attend one of my retreats, attend a Let Your Yoga Dance class or more, I can help you bring not just happiness to your life, but purpose and joy!

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Let's Help Your Organization

Get a Little Happier!

People are seeking the same things at work that they are seeking in life:  a sense of belonging or connection, creativity, and purpose.  Organizations can help their employees find internal optimism and resilience and thrive!

There are simple tools, backed by science and research, that can truly help companies find that missing happiness element and I can help you deliver those tools in fun and unique ways!

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