Going to work has never felt this good

or been this much fun!

My customized laughter-based programs help your organization achieve its full potential!
Participants gain a new perspective on their work, resulting in:
  • Enhanced performance

  • Improved communication and teamwork

  • Reduced physical and emotional tension

  • Increased profits

  • and much more!

The most popular formats:
  • 10-30 minute icebreakers

  • 60 minute keynote presentations

  • 45-90 minute workshops

  • As part of half & full day programs

The Main Programs
Icebreaker/Energizer Session
An ideal start to meetings, conferences or seminars that will:
  • Energize participants quickly, kick starting a good mood and receptive state of mind

  • Break down barriers between people, building a sense of community and helping creativity and communication to flow

  • Increase attention span during long training sessions and improve efficiency and performance.

A brief introduction to the benefits of unconditional laughter with a focus on interactive laughter and breathing exercises.
Introductory Workshop
Participants experience simple, effective and scientifically validated strategies for dissolving stress, developing emotional intelligence, strengthening cohesiveness and improving peak performance. We help your employees to:
  • Release the negative effects of stress in the body and mind

  • Improve morale and performance

  • Convert disparate groups into a cooperative team

  • Promote a positive and receptive frame of mind and an improved sense of wellbeing

  • Enhance efficiency levels and maximize performance.

A brief introductory presentation customized to address team/organizational goals, followed by an experiential laughter program. 

Contact me to bring the benefits of Laughter to your group.

We can create a customized program perfect for you!

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