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A Positive Leadership Program

Success — Optimism — Awareness — Resilience

Our work and those we work with make up most of our lives, and yet our workplaces are churning out burned-out leaders and employees with little bandwidth for innovating and connecting. We focus so much on technical innovation but not on the innovation of the human spirit. While fun atmospheres and great benefits for employees goes a long way to engage and keep them, it’s the ability to tap into what’s inside ourselves that brings the best of us to work and helps create happy, positive and flourishing organizations.


You CAN change a culture from the inside out, but it takes commitment to do things a little differently on the part of the leadership. Utilizing tools based on neuroscience and research, this program will provide leaders the tools they need to flourish, gain resilience, foster better relationships with their employees, manage energy and develop a positive mindset.


We’ll show how using results-based practices will help transform your culture into a more positive and resilient one. By asking the right questions and focusing on what works, your organization will grow stronger. 



We’ll bring the tools of positive psychology into the workplace. Research shows that employees are happier when they see meaning and value in their work. Find your intrinsic strengths, apply those strengths individually and with your teams. Tap into your purpose and bring that purpose into the workplace to build positive relationships and happier environments by helping your employees find their purpose at work, too.


Using mindfulness practices, we’ll show you how to increase emotional intelligence, to become more self-aware and to cultivate a mindful, authentic leadership.


Companies are asking more and more of their employees yet at the same time, downsizing their workforce. Things happen, stress is a constant. We’ll provide the tools that are the key to flourishing during times of stress, to leadership effectiveness and well-being. 

Having positive leadership is imperative for a company’s success. This program is designed specifically to help build optimism and positivity in leaders so that they and their employees flourish both during good and stressful times. 

As with all my programs,this is tailored to your specific needs. Let me know how I can help!

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Develop Greater Self-awareness

Build Resilience

Intensify Your Focus

Communicate Effectively

Manage Stress

Unleash Creativity

And More!

This program can be done in a 1-full day session or two half-day sessions. If you're looking for a 1-2 hour session that can be incorporated into executive leadership programs or as a kick-off to a retreat, it can be modified to fit your needs.

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